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VIP Pageantry is breaking through to fashion industry executives who have created glass ceilings for ALL.

On September 11th, 2021 VIP Pageantry disrupted fashion week by taking over the midtown district of Manhattan. They hosted a series of fashion shows that were cast with models only from the pageant community in an attempt to get the attention of credible talent agencies. Agencies generally overlook the talent within this community due to the age-old stereotypes and stigmas of a pageant girl.

As the Fashion Industry is renowned for its prejudiced actions against the appearance of models, one of the lesser-known issues is that the fashion industry has created glass ceilings for women within this field. The fashion and media industry are renowned for denying the well-rounded, educated, philanthropic of pageantry who want to be a part of the media industry. 


Founders Laylah Rose & Holly Lynch, of VIP Pageantry, believes in re-writing the pageant narrative of acceptance and dedicates this business model to ALL diversities of the pageant community. Laylah quotes:


"VIP Pageantry is dedicated to ALL in the pageant community who have been unfairly pigeonholed in their acting, modeling, and theatre careers based on inappropriate stereotypes. These leaders belong on runways, in publications, and most importantly solving cultural issues in the industries they are passionate about."

In knowing that agencies would deny any request for meetings during NYFW's packed schedule, VIP Pageantry used an experiential marketing technique during fashion week where they produced shows that caught the attention of agencies, specifically MMG.

VIP Pageantry is a new multi-media, worldwide TV Network focusing on the Pageant Industry. It offers full Production, LIVE-STREAM, VIP TV Shows, a VIP Magazine, and more. The network produces and livestreams State & National pageant competitions. It offers an all-inclusive resource guide for Directors, Stylists, HMUA, Photographers, and Coaches. Most importantly it highlights the next generation of leaders by bridging the gap between Pageant Queens and the Entertainment Industry. 


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