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Reach a target market with direct buying power! We unapologetically embrace the International Pageant Community, who are leaders of the pack when it comes to custom design purchases. From one-of-a-kind evening gowns to volume cocktail dresses and swimsuits, queens from around the world are in search of the latest trends in fashion and design. We are seeking a limited number of designers to round out our VIP shows this September, 2022.


If you are interested in a custom package for your COLLECTION,

Email us at or click the button below to learn more .

Thank you so much for your interest in VIP NYFW!  We are looking forward to working together!


  • "Wouldn't happen without your support. Thank you for everything. You guys are the best people I have ever worked with!"  Anjali Phougat

  • I am beyond thankful for the VIP family providing a platform to showcase my NYFW debut. The team is amazing and seeks to create community while producing a stellar production.  I look forward to returning and having the opportunity to collaborate with the VIP team in the future. Sean Bellamy

  • "Holly & Laylah, thank you for having me. The show was so well organized and i've done enough to compare. Hope we will be working again in the future." Katya Avdeev 

  • "Thank you VIP Pageantry for having me during Season 2 of VIP NYFW. It was an honor to walk in your fashion show and to experience New York Fashion Week. I had an amazing time, and would absolutely love to do it again! Lots of love,"                                      Miss Universe Iceland 2021 Elísa Gróa Steinþórsdóttir


VIP Pageantry,  is excited to bring our many years of performance, production, and broadcasting experience to the runways of NYC!  We are so grateful you are here with us, trusting in our abilities to present a beautiful platform, that will not only compliment your work but also become a valuable marketing resource as you continue to build your brand.


Our commitment to designers is steadfast. We have every true intention to connect you with our target market, the 108 countries worldwide who watch our Network and appreciate the beauty, fashion, and pageant industries combined. "The Beauty of Fashion" show was presented during New York Fashion Week on September 11th, 2021 LIVE from the Marriott Marquis in Times Square New York City. With a limited number of seats available, we expanded our reach by broadcasting LIVE to the VIP Network. Furthermore, In mid-September, we will continue to rebroadcast the show in an on-demand format through the VIP streaming television network.


If that is not enough, select designers will have the opportunity to be featured in episodes in the NEW television program, the Beauty of Fashion which will premier in winter 2022 on the VIP Pageantry  Network. This means your investment will have a longer shelf life than ever before. Your legacy will live on the VIP network for years to come, but also becomes useful marketing material for you and your future marketing efforts.


Even more, our experience as production managers ensures that we take the utmost pride in our staging. Making sure lighting is proper not just for film, but for all of the beautiful photography you will receive at the end of the event. We also have selected some of the industry's best support services, from photography to hair and makeup artists. Our selection process takes into consideration how important it is to be properly presented to the world. 


Your work is seen only to be as good as your worst image... so we make sure every effort is to align you with organizations who are looking out for your brand! Each designer will receive a custom package based on how many pieces they want, HMU needs, model casting, photography, tickets, and more.


Check out our current designer packages below, or if you are interested in a custom package for your line, please email us at Thank you so much for your interest in VIP NYFW!  We are looking forward to working together!

Image by Alexander Shatov


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