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Welcome VIP Models


The VIP  Modeling experience is one-of-a-kind. 


Our commitment to a quality show requires all models to be properly trained, therefore we cast from our Model Workshop, where every participant will get hands-on training from experienced models and industry professionals.  Included in our model workshop is an agency presentation where you will have the opportunity to walk for modeling scouts from across the country. After your training, you will have the opportunity to strut your stuff on the runway in VIP's "The Beauty in Fashion" show the following day.

VIP NYFW is all about diversity and inclusivity,

inviting EVERYONE to apply.

It is super important that every model is properly trained before we will assign them to a designer, and even the most trained model needs to practice and refine their skills. This is why we only cast models for our designers from the model workshop.  

**Kids ages 4/5 and up. They must submit a video prior to casting.**


Photo Packages

September 11th is reserved for you to schedule a NYC Photoshoot!  Check out the Photographer's  and their packages by clicking on their image below.

Models Worshop


  • WORKSHOP: GO-SEE ATTIRE: It is important for you to be groomed, teeth clean.

  • wearing clear antiperspirant/deodorant,

  • hair down and clean or clean in a ponytail,

  • acceptable black jeans/leggings, Jeans are not preferred

  • black tank top

  • If you do not have all black, wear something close to that.

  • Wear/bring a button down or robe for ease of changing.

  • Wear in good taste and good condition undergarments, bra, underwear, etc.

  • minimal make-up (could get on designers’ clothes).

  • No cameras/video in the dressing rooms.

  • Put together a survival kit, extra phone charger, advil, breath mints, etc.

  • Research any new designers you’ll be attending shows for

  • Plan relevant blog posts that you need to work on while there

  • Have comp cards/ business cards

  • Charge camera battery and empty memory card

  • Nude strapless bra

  • Nude underwear/thong

  • Nipple covers

  • Black one-piece suit if you have one, tank top, nude/black hosiery

  • Shoes – NOT NEW, but well-polished. Look at the heels to ensure they are in good condition. 

  • HAVE YOUR HIGHEST HEELS ON during fittings.

  • Platform heels are not preferred unless your designer is ok with them.

  • Nude heels

  • Black heels

  • Silver heels

  • Gold heels

  • Get a fresh manicure & brows shaped 2 days before departure date, Lint roller, makeup brushes if you want to touch up

  • Cosmetics – special moisturizers (if applicable), foundation

  • Special dietary bagged lunch/snacks if applicable

  • Hair brush & hair accessories, hairspray, style cream, hair ties

  • Face & body wipes you can use on your hands, under your arms, etc

  • PLEASE contact your designer to ask what color heels to bring

  • Caution – no attitudes, everyone is watching. This is where your professionalism will count. We will have several Talent & Modeling agencies in attendance!

  • Try to get a good night’s sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions


🕵️‍♀️Where do I sign up for the Fashion Show?
You can sign up at:

I went to the page but I wasn’t sure where I sign up? Just for the class?
Yes! Our models are being cast from our Model Workshop. We hope you understand that we cannot put models on the runway for designers that are not VIP trained. The class lasts for several hours. Some of the participants are also scheduling photo shoots around the workshop and on Thursday, the day before.

And after the class, they do the show? I just wasn’t sure.
The class is on Friday and the Fashion Show is on Saturday.

Will they automatically do the show the next day or do they have to be chosen?
All Model workshop contestants will be cast to walk in the show.

Do I need to sign them up for makeup or anything? You can schedule for makeup to fit your schedule.

We will have PROFESSIONAL HAIR AND MAKEUP TEAMS AVAILABLE, or you can do it yourself.

How do I sign up for a New York Photoshoot? Official Photographers are listed on our site.

You can contact them directly, PLUS: Once you REGISTER, you will be asked to join a Facebook group and lots of information will be given to you ON there.

What is the VIP Red Carpet Charity Gala?
IT'S A PARTY!!! A chance to celebrate the success of the week and network with designers and our VIP Guests! DRESS TO IMPRESS!!!

Is there a schedule or anything?
YES, YOU WILL RECEIVE A SCHEDULE PRIOR TO WORKSHOPS AND SHOW DAYS. The final days to register for our Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week are here! Don't miss this chance!

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