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The Full Story


Laylah Rose and Holly Lynch have a combined 40 years of experience working in Marketing, TV & Media. Together they have had the opportunity to work with several high profile clients, producers, directors, singers and actors.

VIP Network is a globally renowned Fashion & Beauty TV network, the first of its kind, dedicated to pageant systems, models, contestants, and all fashion and beauty industry businesses. The network consists of an OTT streaming television station, with unlimited channels, a mobile app, a quarterly magazine, an online presence, and strong social media sites.

VIP has quickly taken the Fashion industry by storm in the midst of a global pandemic, offering many reasons to celebrate Beauty In Fashion.

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The VIP FASHION SHOW is one-of-a-kind.

Our commitment to a top quality show requires all models to be properly trained, therefore we cast from our Model Workshop, where every participant will get hands-on training from Experienced Models and Industry Professionals.

VIP is all about Diversity and Inclusivity, inviting EVERYONE to apply.



OUR vision is to have a show that is all inclusive to the pageant, beauty, and fashion industries combined. A place where you can meet new Queens and Models, a place where you can reunite with your sister Queens and Model friends without competition and judgements. A place to connect, build your runway and modeling skills, gain experience, promote your brand while having fun all at the same time!

While promoting body positivity, confidence and strength, VIP will UNITE our next generation of leaders on the VIP RUNWAY!

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